About Us

We are a small but passionate outfit of health conscious humans based in sunny Los Angeles, California.  We have a passion for helping people and healing the world.  When we came across this CBD we knew we had to create a platform in order to provide it to people in need.  We know you'll be stoked to experience CBD in it's most raw, unprocessed form, because we believe in the power of whole foods.

While developing a CBD E-liquid line for another company, we tested 15 sources of cannabidiol.  We tried everything from so called "hemp oils" to 99.8% crystalline CBD before coming across our current source, which totally blew us all away. We had very mixed results with the other CBD's with our testing group - which consisted of participants with various ailments ranging from Multiple-Sclerosis to Cancer to Diabetes etc - but this source had 100% positive feedback from every single person.  

We believe our CBD can truly help you in many ways, especially when coupled with the healing powers of raw, organic, plant-based foods.